Why your company is a media company, before anything else.

In the days where it was just newspapers and TV, advertising and editorial was the only way to really get your business seen by the masses. This usually came with the necessity of having a pretty huge budget, resulting in small and medium sized business, not getting their slice of the pie.

Now that brands have so many platforms and so many accessible ways to get their message out there, its become apparent that we are all media companies before anything else.

Sufficient learning and refined skills are required to make sure the content that you’re putting out there, is reaching and giving value to the exact people you want to find out about you. Your content should also be platform specific. LinkedIn is great for b2b companies, Facebook works well for b2c brands, and Instagram is effective for just about everyone – it’s where the attention’s at!

Your content shouldn’t be all ‘sell, sell sell’. Know exactly who you are trying to reach, reverse engineer the situation, and give your target audience something they can really feed off or learn from. Aka give value!

It’s also important to ask yourself, in what way do my clients and potential clients, consume their media? If its video, start a Youtube. If its audio, start a podcast. If its written word, start a blog!

I recently received any email that said we are not currently marketing. Not marketing? In any way, shape or form? There’s only one forecast for a business that’s not marketing and its not a pretty picture.

The sooner you realise your business is a media company, the more equipped you’ll be for success, in a world where the way we communicate is changing faster than we could’ve ever imagined.

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