Why PR agencies shouldn’t disregard ’the influencer’

‘The media’ is changing. For journalists & PRs, this is something which we seem to have not fully accepted, wanting things to carry on the way they were, like the good old days. However, those that accept that things have changed and actually use it to their advantage, are the ones who will not only survive, but succeed in this increasingly competitive arena. 


Regardless of your opinion on social media influencers, they are making a success out of themselves and out of the brands they partner up with. Clothing retailer Gymshark has used fitness influencers from the get-go and have managed a growth of 200%+ year on year. The reason for their success? They know where the attention is. People buy into people, not businesses.

Work in partnership

It shouldn’t be a them vs us culture between influencers and agencies, but rather a chance to create long lasting relationships from which both parties can benefit. Influencers are not taking business away from you, they are simply part of the ever expanding spectrum of modern day media. In 2018, successful agencies are the ones who have social influencers on board and collaborate with them to amplify their client’s message and maximise their reach. 

Right fit > huge following 

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that, for influencers, having a niche is way more important than having a huge following. This can only be seen as a positive for PR & social media agencies. Whether you’re agency is centred around tech or has a fashion-focus, there will be the influencer to who will perfectly match your clients’ brand. Go deeper into a market, not wider.

If we are able to create an all inclusive culture where brands, agencies and influencers work side-by-side, we will all reap the rewards.

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