4 tips to get started with your communications strategy  

Social media is must

It shouldn’t need saying by this point, but incredibly many still need convincing that this social media thing is real, and it’s happening right now. It doesn’t matter what market you’re in or who you’re trying to reach, social media is an absolute must at this stage. Understand where your talent lies (written, audio or video), create the content and explore the different platforms to find out what will best amplify your voice.


There is still great value in written word

Just because there are fewer actual printed newspapers and magazines now, doesn’t mean people are reading less. On the contrary, relevant media groups have capitalised on the fact we look at our phones more and churn out well written, meaningful pieces every single day via smartphone apps. Regardless of if it’s a niche publication or a broadsheet newspaper, print journalism still holds a lot of attention, and attention is the asset. 


Broadcast matters

Like written word, TV & radio are still held in high regard and diversifying your communication with your customer is always a wise idea – not everyone likes to read and audio, for many, is a massive time-saver. Again, its important to look at where the attention is at and branching out into podcasts or YouTube videos could provide a massive upside for your business.


Vet your work

Typos get on just about everyone’s nerves. Regardless of if it’s a press release, tweet or blog, don’t rush to get it out without taking the time to scrutinise it first. This is an ongoing process, and just because something has worked for your business for the last 5 years, doesn’t mean its going to work for the next 5. Put your own work under the microscope, before you receive an email from a disgruntled editor pointing out that you misspelled your own company name in your press release.

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