Day in the life of a Digital Consultant

Here’s a little insight into daily life at Uprise PR. This blog is by Summer, our Digital Consultant and social media guru.

My day starts with searching for relevant news articles for the clients I manage, I keep an eye on breaking news in the different industries of our different clients and scan through articles to see what is post-worthy that day and whether our clients can jump in on a breaking story. Managing social media is not just about retweeting every article related to a company but making sure that it’s share-worthy (i.e. not talking about competitors, not negative towards the industry, etc)

As I search for and create things to post, I schedule them in a social media posting program. It’s important to think about who you are posting to and what you are posting on, LinkedIn has a different tone to Twitter and Instagram, for example. Posting times must also be taken into account, you want your content to be seen and interacted with, so posting content during times when your customers aren’t online won’t be very helpful!

After scheduling some news posts, I usually work on content that needs to be made, like editing photos and graphic design. I pre-make templates that I use often in photoshop for posts like a team member’s bio or customer testimonials so it follows our clients’ brand. Having a social media guide handy for every client is also helpful – I organise colour codes, colour schemes, branding, logos and fonts for each client so that I can keep branding consistent across all channels.

When it comes to posts on Instagram, I like to keep in mind the ‘feed’ of the client and how it all looks visually. Your  feed is the first impression you make to a potential follower, and you want it to tell a consistent, aesthetically pleasing story. To plan out the feed for Instagram I use an app called UNUM which allows you to play around with image placement and colouring. To keep photos consistent, I like to use the same ‘family’ of filters in the app VSCOcam or filters I make myself in Adobe Lightroom.

As I go through the day and schedule posts I keep track of when posts will go live in a spreadsheet that I print out every week, I use a different colored pen for each day to see what was scheduled when (this is helpful if I have to go back in the scheduling software to edit a post so I can remember when I wrote it). This is also where I keep a prioritized weekly to-do list and notes of events that need to be posted about, graphics that need to be designed or content that needs to be written. Since social media is so fast-paced, prioritising is important so you can do things efficiently and keep everything up to date.

Throughout my day I keep an eye on notifications for all accounts making sure that comments or tweets are replied to quickly! Engagement with social media is key, not just responding to comments but liking posts, retweeting and engaging with potential customers.

On a monthly basis, I compile analytics for each of my clients. This isn’t just helpful for the client, but for me as well. Keeping track of follower and engagement growth is helpful but my favourite statistics to use are the demographics tools, you want to make sure that your content is reaching your target audience! Analytics tools are also helpful to see what time and what days your posts have the best performance, as well as what hashtags are the best performing.

Creating content for clients of such varied industries can be confusing at times, so streamlining the posting process and scheduling as much as possible can be extremely helpful to make sure daily posts go out consistently.

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